Special Care Dental Association (SCDA UMSOD)

The Special Care Dental Association's main purpose is to promote interest in special care dentistry.

President: Aubrey Morrone

Vice President: Christy Ng

Treasurer: Sam Lee

Secretary: Juhi Dwivedi

Lunch and Learn Liaison: Eamari Bell

D4 Representative: Donnace Henry

D3 Community Service Chair: Rupini Shukla

D2 Community Service Chair: Tracy Trieu

D1 Representative: Austin DiNofrio

DH Representative: Nolwenn Daniels

Faculty advisor: Dr. Janet Yellowitz

Email address: scda.umsod@gmail.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/scda.umsod?igshid=1g76r7u7yjyh3

SCDA National Website: https://scda.site-ym.com/page/StudentChapters