‌‌The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Society is dedicated to providing opportunities for students interested in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Through sponsoring events and activities that provide unique experiences in the specialty, OMFS society connects students with OMFS department faculty, oral surgeons, and other interested students. Activities range from pig suturing labs, anatomy lab demonstrations, lectures on a variety of topics, service opportunities, and preparation for making that transition into an Oral Surgery residency easier to navigate. The group meets at least once a month and the fee to join is $10 per member.

President:  Arthur Taguchi

Co-Vice President: Wongelawit Tadesse

Co-Vice President: Amir Tofighbakhsh

Secretary: Sam Kasraii

Treasurer: Rushil Mehta

Webmaster: Rita Sousa

Faculty advisor: Dr. Nicholas Wilken

Email address: OMFSSociety@gmail.com

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Venmo information: OMFS-Society