The Korean American Student Dental Association (KASDA) was established in 1993 to provide dental education to the non-English speaking Korean community and to help Korean dental students assimilate into the School of Dentistry. However, as time passed, we developed into a bigger association that strives to help and provide a home for any dental and/or hygiene students who are interested in the Korean culture. KASDA serves the interest of not only the Korean but other underrepresented populations in the community by participating in many community service events. KASDA hosts many educational and social meetings throughout the year in order to further aid the members to success in the dental school.

President: Brandon Shim

Vice President: Yoon Shin

Secretary: Karen Jung

Treasurer: Jimin Suh

Fundraising Chair: Nick Nguyen and Jane Song

Community Outreach: Grace (Hyesoo) Lee and Julia Song

Social Chair: Esther Bak and Kyle Li

D1 Class Representative: Jennifer Kim

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Aleah Cho



Email address: