Student Community Service Protocol

  1. For all Educational community service, virtual (pre-recorded) programs, or outreach activities that do not involve screenings, fluoride varnish, etc. a UMSOD Faculty member does not need to oversee the event. The following is required two weeks prior to the event:
  2. For Clinical community service outreach activities and health fairs that involve screenings, fluoride varnish, etc., A faculty member with a current Maryland State Dental License must accompany any community service event which includes patient evaluation, screening, prevention or treatment. It is not necessary to have a faculty member with you if you are limited to patient instruction or education only. A UMSOD Faculty member must be overseeing the event. The following is needed two weeks prior to the event for Liability Insurance reasons:

For both educational and clinical community service outreach, all forms must be completed and sent to Ms. Elyse Markwitz and copy the SGA and your class community service chairs two weeks prior to the outreach event so that it may be reviewed and approved by Dr. Louis G. DePaola. For clinical outreach activities, please provide the completed Template Sign-In Sheet and Consent following the event.  This is necessary for the event to be covered by our liability policy.

For more information regarding Community Service Events Procedures, please refer to the Clinic Manual.