Pre-Application Form

Applications for the 2023 D-REX program are open. To apply, complete the Pre-application for Summer Research Training below, and attach your letter of interest, unofficial transcript, and at least one letter of recommendation. If preferred, the letter of recommendation can be emailed separately to Nicki Mitchell at

Pre-Application Form Instructions

Letter of Interest

Your personal statement will be circulated among potential faculty mentors and it’s your chance to sell yourself!   Please work with an adult who can assist you in providing a comprehensive personal statement that will help you put your best foot forward. 

Your personal statement should include a paragraph that is no longer than a quarter page for each of the following topics:

  1. Tell us about yourself: Name, school, age, grade, general community, or neighborhood.
  2. Why you’re interested in the University of Maryland School of Dentistry’s Dental Research Experience Program & what do you expect to get out of and learn from your participation in this program?
  3. Do you have specific career plans or goals? We understand that at this point in your life, your career goals may change numerous times before you enter a profession but please share your career interests and dreams. How you have worked toward reaching these goals and how you feel participation in this program can advance these interests.   If your career goals include bioscience research, please explain your motivation for this whether it be a personal experience, volunteer work, encouragement by a mentor or otherwise. 
  4. How has your academic experience prepared you for this internship? Please include any science courses that you’ve taken in high school and college, please highlight AP courses and grades. Please also highlight any related extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, hobbies) that you’ve engaged in.
  5. What skills (for example, leadership, public speaking, computer, and writing) do you possess? What do you believe is a strength that you have that might be useful in any way to the R-REX Program?

Note: Handwritten essays will not be accepted. Use 11-point or larger font.

Letter of Recommendation
  • Student should submit at least one letter of recommendation from science teacher.
  • Science teacher should submit at least one letter of recommendation from their superior
Unofficial transcript
  • Student should submit their unofficial transcript for the most recent three years
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