I participated in a two-week externship at the UMMC Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department. During my time there, I was involved with a diversity of experiences that offered a very realistic and in-depth glimpse of life as an oral surgery resident. I was able to observe and assist orthognathic surgery, head and neck oncology, microvascular reconstruction, cleft lip and palate and aesthetic procedures in the operating room. I also followed and assisted the residents as they completed their regular patient rounds and they performed extractions, biopsies and diagnosed oral pathologies in the hospital clinic. Furthermore, I assisted one of the fellows with practicing free flap procedures in the medical school anatomy lab, provided a brief talk to the residents on multiple sclerosis, stapled and sutured incisions and sat in on lectures and case presentations at the nearby dental school. Throughout the two weeks, I felt a strong and overwhelmingly positive rapport with both the staff and the residents. I was made to feel welcome by everyone within the department, who were very willing to let me participate wherever I could and answered all of my questions about the profession. The UMMC is a marvellous facility with a great support staff as well, many of whom I got to know personally. I will forever look back on my time as an extern as a tremendous learning experience and would easily recommend it to anyone else considering oral surgery as a potential career path.

Anthony Staibano DDS2, Faculty of Dentistry University of Toronto

I would like to thank the OMS team at the University of Maryland as I had a great experience on my externship. I was exposed to a program that practices the full scope of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, which fulfills my aspirations of being a competent well-rounded surgeon who is ready to pursue academia and/or private practice. I witnessed teamwork and mutual respect between the residents and the attending surgeons, and the information that I learned from them shall make me a better future extern and a better applicant for OMS residency programs.

Sincerely, Mohamed Abdelhakim, BDS
I would like to extend my thanks for allowing me to extern at University of Maryland OMFS. I was very impressed by the case load and diversity of surgeries the residents are exposed to. As someone who wishes to pursue a hospital based career, providing a full scope of omfs precedures to my patients, your program is the standard by which I will compare my further externships.

Thanks again,

Andrew Beech Case Western Reserve University Class of 2013
I appreciate the opportunity I had to participate in the externship program at the University of Maryland Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery program. During my week at the University of Maryland, I was able to experience life as a resident while also getting a closer look at the program. I really enjoyed having the chance to spend a great deal of time in the operating room as well as the clinics. It truly gave me the chance to experience the OMFS program at Maryland in its entirety. The externship as a whole was an amazing experience, due in large part to the great faculty and residents that made me feel welcome from the very first day. I have been interested in practicing oral surgery since the first few weeks of dental school, however my week in Baltimore really allowed me to realize Maryland is the type of oral surgery program in which I would like to receive my training. I think that this externship gave me an opportunity to gage the program, and to experience what my life would be like during residency, both of which will be instrumental during the interview process. Again I want to thank both faculty and residents for an amazing week and I hope to be back in the coming months!
Samuel Landrian UF College of Dentistry c/o 2013
I would like to thank the whole team of the department of OMFS at the University of Maryland Medical Center for giving me the amazing opportunity of being part of the OMFS Externship program and for welcoming me and making this experience as pleasurable and memorable as it was. The two weeks that I spent in the Medical Center were exciting, beneficial and enriching to me in many aspects. The high level of professionalism, perseverance and the great spirit of team work are only few of the many qualities that caught my attention. Being part of this program further proved to me what and where I want to be.

I am eager to contribute to your program in the near future.

Ahmed Al-Muzayyen

The internship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Maryland was difficult and pushed me beyond my limits every day. Without this experience, I would not have had all the opportunities to continue my career in oral surgery. I owe everything to the lessons I learned during my time at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Gregory Plona Internship Graduate ‘10


I trained for 5 years at the University of Maryland, Department of Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery; I proudly earned a certificate from the internship and residency program.  The relationships that I have with my attendings have developed from mentors to friends and colleagues.  I feel truly honored to have been recruited to my full time faculty position at another high caliber academic institution.  I will always be grateful to Maryland for training me to become the competent, confident surgeon that I am today.

Carrie Klene OMS Certificate Graduate ‘11 Indiana School of Dentistry Residency Program Director & Clinical Assistant Professor of Oral Surgery
The benefits of the fellowship may not be appreciated until years after one completes it. My current practice is almost entirely focused on the foundation of what was forged during fellowship. It was perhaps the single most important time period in my professional and personal development to date. I realize now, 5 years after completion of the program how much the experience has shaped my approach to the art and science of treating patients with head and neck cancer. Furthermore, the relationships I have made through fellowship have proved to be the most rewarding and long-lasting.
Andrew Salama, DDS, MD
Fellowship Graduate '07
Boston University Assistant Professor & Director of Residency Training Director of Head & Neck Oncology