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Clip from cover of field trip guide to the National Museum of Dentistry

Planning a trip to the museum? Use our field trip and exhibit guides in your preparation!

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Screenshot from the Mouthpower interactive websiteExplore Mouthie's online laboratory to learn about how to brush your teeth, what tobacco can do to your mouth and how to make healthy food choices.

Check out our classroom activities related to the exhibit as well!

Healthy Smiles for Autism

Clip from cover of healthy smiles for autism booklet‌Dental care is the leading unmet health care need among children with special needs. The National Museum of Dentistry has developed a unique resource for parents to teach their children how to have a healthy mouth for life. Healthy Smiles for Autism‌ contains oral hygiene tips, facts and step-by-step demonstrations for children with autism spectrum disorder.

History Scavenger Hunt

Generic scavenger map imageExplore the museum and test your knowledge by going on one of our history scavenger hunts!

Looking for the answers? E-mail before your visit or ask for the answer sheet when you arrive.