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Part of NMD's interactive Forensics: Solving Mysteries exhibit

Take advantage of the science, math, art, and history behind the field of dentistry!

View dentistry from the perspectives of history and STEAM subjects, and learn how the field is more than just cleaning teeth with a trip to the NMD. Explore exhibits on forensics and bioengineering while learning about the personal life of the first president of the United States, and the progress of diversity in dentistry. Discover the paths available to become one of the variety of dental health professionals that exist today.

Agents of Change: Pioneering Women Dentists

Ida Gray Nelson Rollins‌According to the American Dental Association (ADA), as of 2019, there are 200,419 dentists in the United States. Also according to the ADA, 33.4% of these dentists are female. While women have not always constituted such a significant percentage of dentists in the United States, they have had a significant impact on the dental profession since their formal entry into the dental field in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century. The story of pioneering women dentists in the United States, including the impact they had in advancing the dental profession and the obstacles they faced in doing so, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present is the story at the heart of the Agents of Change: Pioneering Women Dentists program.

Choose from an entire program or individual activities to learn more about the role pioneering women played in dentistry, or choose from individual activities to learn what a change agent is, how to use primary source documents to understand the "debate over women dentists" that occurred throughout dentistry's history, and the role of gender stereotypes, gender bias, and gender discrimination in dental history.

How your visit at NMD can go...
  1. Drop off/Pick Up - The safest and quickest location is the bus stop at the corner of West Lombard and South Greene Streets (522 West Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21201). From there, you'll be able to see our large red banner on the corner of our building, and our glass front doors situated behind the fenced-in hill.
  2. Entering the Museum - Once you make it through our glass front doors, you will be in the museum's atrium and entrance area. The point of contact for your group should check-in at the front desk. The rest of the group can place any jackets, lunches, or other items on the tables against the brick wall if necessary, and then gather and sit in the center of the atrium until a museum staff member arrives for the introduction and directions for your visit.
  3. Touring the Museum - For both self-guided and guided tours, a museum staff member will provide an introduction and directions for the museum before your group enters the galleries. For a self-guided tour, once the introduction is complete, your group will be free to explore the museum. For a guided tour, your group will be split into manageable group sizes for the tour guides, and each tour will last about an hour going through the entire museum, focusing on age-appropriate or requested topics for the group.
  4. After the Tour - Your group will have the opportunity, if requested, to visit the gift shop (+20 mins), complete an activity (+15-30 mins), or eat lunch (+30-45 mins), as well as ask any questions about the museum or dentistry to a museum staff member.


How long does a visit to the National Museum of Dentistry last?

Typical visits to the Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry last about 1-1.5 hours. Plan for a little longer stay if you'd like to let your students get items from the gift shop, explore the museum on their own, or eat lunch.

How much does a trip to the NMD cost?

Admission for students is $5, while teachers and chaperones receive free admission. If you plan a trip for February or October, however, admission for students is only $2 to celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month and National Dental Hygiene Month.

Do I or my students need to bring anything?

All you have to bring are some smiles! If you want activity packets or other resources available to your students, make sure to request them before your visit. The NMD will supply any writing utensils and printed materials that you need to get the most out of your visit. If you plan on eating lunch at the museum, let us know in advance so we can have a table set up to store your lunches during the tour.

Do you have a gift shop?

Yes! The NMD has two cases full of dental related toys and products, and your class is welcome to purchase items from the gift shop AT THE END of your tour.

Can we eat lunch at the museum?

Although we do not have food to purchase, your class is more than welcome to bring packed lunches or purchase lunches from nearby restaurants to eat at the museum. During your tour, lunches can be stored on tables in the museum's atrium, which always has a security guard or staff person present.

Can we take pictures?

Pictures are always welcome at the museum! We do, however, request that students do not use phones during the tour. We'd also love to share your visit! If you're interested in sharing your school's oral health pride, have your students fill out and bring this Photo Consent Form to the museum on the day of your visit.

What if our school or district has a delay or closure on the day of our visit?

As soon as you find out, let us know! We are always happy to reschedule, and also understand if a closure or delays means you won't be able to make it to the museum this year due to scheduling. If you paid in advance, you will receive a full refund.

Also, the NMD typically follows the same closures and delays for Baltimore City Public Schools. We will also let you know as soon as possible if we are going to be closed due to inclement weather, and we always put an announcement at the top of our website and on our voicemail.

To make your booking as easily as possible, please follow these steps:
  1. Have an estimated number of students, teachers, and chaperones that could attend this trip.
  2. Have at least two potential dates available when you contact the museum.
  3. Check out how our field trips connect to your curriculum.
  4. When you are ready to book your field trip, complete our online registration form OR contact the museum at 410-706-0600 or pcutter@umaryland.edu.

Schedule your field trip today!

Once a field trip has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with payment information and additional resources.

Contact Us

For more information about NMD tours, call 410-706-0600 or email pcutter@umaryland.edu.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your tour, please notify NMD as soon as possible. Voicemail and email are available 24 hours a day at 410-706-0600 and pcutter@umaryland.edu.

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National Museum of Dentistry
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Patrick Cutter
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Dr. Scott Swank

Phone: 410-706-8704
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Hours & Admission

9am to 4pm



Members, Military, UMB Community, Teachers, and Children (2 and under): FREE
Adults: $7
Seniors and Students: $6
Children (3-12): $5



10 or more: $5 per person
K-12: $5 per person
Teachers & Chaperones: FREE


There are a number of ways you can show your support for the National Museum of Dentistry.

In addition to cash donations, which can be pledged by check or credit card, the NMD happily accepts gifts of stock, planned or deferred contributions, and in-kind services. To discuss giving options, please contact the SOD Development Office.

Looking to donate items to the NMD's collection, please visit our Collections and Archives page for more information.