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Virtual Lesson Plans

Edo period japanse dentures with blackened teeth

Elements of Culture (Grade 6)

Utilize primary and secondary sources to discuss elements of culture and cultural diffusion.

A lion yawning and showing his teeth and tongue

Herbivores, Omnivores, Carnivores (Grade K)

Observe and compare teeth from different animals to talk about shapes, patterns, and diets.


Tooth fairy carrying a tooth

The Tooth Fairy

Write your letter to the tooth fairy and draw what you think the tooth fairy really looks like!

Coloring book image of a dental chair and dental unit

Visiting the Dentist Activity

Learn about going to the dentist with Dr. P and then color and create your own dental team!

Group of healthy foods

Healthy Foods

Learn about the different food groups and what you should eat to keep your mouth healthy!

Cartoonized toothpaste tube on a green background

Design Your Own Toothpaste

Create your own toothpaste brand by designing a toothpaste tube.

Cartoon of mother and daughter reading a book

Storytelling with Dental Art

Create your own stories about oral health and dentistry.

Anatomy of a tooth

Tooth Anatomy Crossword

Learn about all the different parts of the tooth!

Word search with orthodontic terms

Orthodontics Word Search

Try to find these words related to the orthodontic specialty.

Cover page for Alpha-Bite Book

Alpha-Bite Book

An alphabetical journey through the chompers of the animal kingdom.

A monster with one tooth

Monster Mouths Coloring Page

Have fun counting teeth while coloring monsters!

Delightful Dental Valentines

Color and share these fun Valentines!

Fact Sheets!

Cartoon child with braces smiling

Braces Fact Sheet

Answer the question, "who needs braces?" with this helpful fact sheet.

Cartoon vape pen in hand

Vaping: How it affects your mouth

Learn about the affect of vaping on your mouth and overall health.

Online Learning

MouthPower mouth logo


Explore the many activities found in Mouthie's Laboratory!

Different color puzzle pieces


Put together different puzzles to learn more about dental history and oral health.

Red and white folded paper on a decorative floral wood background

Origami Tooth

Grab a piece of paper and follow the video instructions to make your own tooth!

Doc Holliday posing with a patient

Doc Holliday Quiz

Explore our online exhibit and then test your knowledge with this quiz on the infamous Wild West dentist.

Stack of books on a lilac background - lilac is the official color of dentistry

Dental History Repositories

Want to learn more about dental history? Check out this list of dental history collections from the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry.

Front cover of the 1892 The Southern Dental Journal and Luminary

Historic Dental Journals

Search through over 10,000 historic dental journals from around the world.

Smiling cartoon tooth on a green background


Take advantage of all the free resources the American Dental Association has to offer.

Red block

Oral Health Education from Colgate

Check out oral health education resources for all ages!

Discover, create, share, learn on black background

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Learn all about teeth with digital resources from the SI Learning Lab.

Open Wide - A kids podcast about dentistry

Open Wide

A kids podcast about dentistry featuring the museum's Assistant Director.

White play button symbol in a red block

YouTube Recommendations

Check out these playlists and videos to learn more about dental history and oral health!

Hand holding mobile phone

Pokemon Smile

By using your smart device’s camera to play the game, learn good oral health habits while going on an adventure!


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