Providing Care

Photograph of antique x-ray machine in display case

From ancient cultures to the modern dental office, unearth the progression of people and their teeth.  Learn about the world’s first dental college, the “Father of Modern Dentistry,” and what dentists have done in their free time.


Etruscan Bridge – Everyone wants a perfect smile with no missing teeth, even the Etruscans, an ancient civilization from Italy that predates the Romans.  Instead of dentures, they would “bridge” the gap between teeth by connecting replacement teeth to the remaining teeth using gold bands.

Antique Anesthetic Needles – Laughing gas and Xylocaine were not always options for numbing the pain.  Different anesthetics from the drug cocaine to different chemical combinations were used to numb the mouth before painful procedures.


To the left: Robert H. Machlett. X-ray tube. c. 1913.