The Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry will be closed to the public Monday, September 2nd, in observance of the Labor Day Holiday. We will reopen Tuesday, September, 3rd at our normal time. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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    Teeth in Popular Culture

    Witness amazing teeth feats, marvel at unique cultural teeth traditions, and trace what humans have done to their teeth throughout history.  Learn how important smiles are for recognizing people, watch unbelievable “teeth feat” performances, and realize how teeth have made their way into popular culture for centuries.


    Animals and Their Teeth

    Learn how your mouth compares to a shark or a horse.  Analyze skulls from across the animal kingdom to figure out what they eat, if they have had more sets of teeth than you, and why every animal has a different smile.


    The Prevention Gallery

    Discover how the focus of dentistry has changed from extraction to prevention, witness how toothbrushes, toothpastes, and mouthwashes have evolved from a chewing stick to what is in your bathroom, and revisit catchy commercial jingles for dental products on the world's only Tooth Jukebox.



    Explore Mouthie’s interactive laboratory to get the inside story on the best way to have a happy mouth for life. Don your lab coat and learn the parts of the tooth, practice brushing and flossing on a larger-than-life mouth, explore healthy eating, and discover how tobacco harms your teeth.


    Providing Care

    From ancient cultures to the modern dental office, unearth the progression of the relationship between people and their teeth.  Learn about the world’s first dental college, the “Father of Modern Dentistry,” and what dentists have done in their free time.


    George Washington Gallery

    Immerse yourself in an 18th century presidential parlor; discover what the first President of the United States had to go through because of problems with his mouth, and learn about Dr. John Greenwood, the man behind Washington’s smile.


    American Dental Association Theatre

    Enjoy a variety of fun movies about oral health in our very own personal theatre.  Watch some iconic dental public service announcements, learn about different dental associations and organizations, and find out what it takes to be a dentist and have good oral health in our selection of videos.


    Forensics: Solving Mysteries

    Become a member of a disaster recovery team and learn how to identify victims through dental forensics by analysing skull structures, creating dental charts, or extracting DNA from teeth.


    Bioengineering: Making a New You

    Explore exciting research that will affect the future of dentistry and public oral health.  Discover the history of tooth replacement, learn about cutting-edge research being done to grow replacement teeth, and ways that genes are being used to fight disease.


    The Future is Now! African Americans in Dentistry!

    Celebrate the rich heritage of African Americans in dentistry through one of the museum’s traveling exhibitions.  Discover key individuals, institutions, and organizations that reshaped the social and political landscape of oral health care in the United States.


    Marvelous Mouth

    Explore how to take care of braces, how mouth guards protect teeth during sports, why oral piercings and tobacco use can lead to tooth trouble, and what careers are possible in the world of dentistry with hands-on models and a fun interactive computer game that reveals tooth truths that will keep kids smiling for a lifetime.


    The Narwhal: A Whale of a Tooth

    Immerse yourself in the world of narwhals.  Discover ancient myths and recently uncovered facts relating to this curious creature with a single straight tusk that can grow up to 9 feet long.


    Spit Happens

    Take part in an interactive odyssey through the mouth, and familiarize yourself with the liquid that protects your teeth, aids in digestion, and improves your sense of taste.  Uncover what saliva is made of, how it works in the body, and what happens to your oral health and overall health if the salivary glands are impaired.


    Terrific Tooth Tales: Reading Corner

    Raising awareness of dental history and oral health, encouraging reading, and developing reading proficiency, the reading corner invites you to pick up your favorite tooth tale and take a moment to experience the joy of reading.

With over 40,000 objects, experience dentistry's past, present, and future like you could never imagine through our exhibits.


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