Our Mission

Starting Monday, March 25th, the National Museum of Dentistry will be closed to the public on Mondays for the summer. We will be utilizing these days to develop new exhibits and resources for the upcoming year, as well as utilizing this time to make our collection of over 40,000 objects and archival materials more accessible to the public. If you'd like to volunteer to help us with our collections or exhibitions on Mondays, please contact Patrick Cutter at 410-706-0600 or by visiting our Volunteer page.

The museum will remain open Tuesday through Friday during our normal operating hours, 9am-4pm, for walk-ins and group tours during this time. 

School group tour in George Washington's Parlor

Our Mission

The National Museum of Dentistry inspires healthy choices about oral health by creating and sharing learning opportunties that celebrate the heritage and future of dentistry, the achievements of dental professionals, and the importance of oral health in a healthy life.

Our Priorities

  • Providing access to information about oral health.
  • Serving the dental profession as the leading repository of dental history through our collections, archives, and expertise.
  • Developing exhibitions and programs that engage audiences in learning about oral health.

Queen Victoria's Personal Oral Hygiene Set‌‌

Mouthpower Exhibit

Our Vision

  • We will be a lively center for interactive exhibitions and engaging programs that communicate information about oral health and dentistry to the public.
  • Through strategic partnerships and the creative use of technology, the museum will reach national and international audiences with its message about the importance of oral health in a healthy life.
  • The public and dental professionals will support the museum as the national museum of the profession and a leading authority on the history of dentistry.
  • Through the museum's work, people will have a greater appreciation for the power of a healthy smile.


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