Title IX Affiliate Form

To complete the University’s Title IX training please follow the instructions below. Title IX training must be renewed each year and completed by July 15th.

  • By clicking the link below, a new window will be opened with the Title IX for Affiliates form to be filled out.
  • On the new page, open and read the "Affiliate Training Presentation" document, which outlines the University’s nondiscrimination policies and procedures
  • Then complete the training Acknowledgment Receipt Form.
    • On the form: For "With which UMB School or Division are you affiliated?," select School of Dentistry
    • On the form: For "What is your Role at UMB?," select Preceptor/Externship Site
    • On the form: For "Company Name" type in the externship site you are affiliated with
  • Submit the form by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the training Acknowledgement Receipt Form to indicate that you have completed the training requirement. The University will be automatically notified once the form has been submitted.

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