Image of James CraigJames F. Craig, BS, MS, EdD

Dr. Craig achieved his bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University and his master's and doctorate from Indiana University. His primary area of concentration was Instructional Design and Development with minors in Adult Education and Radio and Television. He has designed or produced hundreds of instructional programs ranging from slide-tapes, programmed texts, instructional manuals, television programs, computer based education and interactive-videodisc applications (including three editions of "The Generic Dental Disc"). He has numerous publications and has taught at all levels from elementary to postgraduate education. He has served as a consultant for numerous organizations on both the national and international level. He is currently working on the delivery of instruction using Blackboard, Questionmark and Mediasite and in expanding the web presence of the Dental School on a national and international level. He is also involved in faculty development.

His overall goal as an educational consultant is: applying the principles of management to the process of education in an attempt to make education more cost-efficient and effective.

Research Interests:

The application of management principles in the process of education in making it more cost-efficient and effective Innovative approaches in the delivery of instruction