Dual Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene (BSDH) to Master of Science Clinical Nurse Leader Program

The dual BSDH to MSCNL track is for individuals who are entering the profession of dental hygiene and wish to have the skills to practice nursing and assume leadership skills within both professions.

Career Options

 A group of oral surgeons performing surgeryCareer options for health care that incorporates oral health into overall health include:

  • Working in partnership with physicians and other healthcare professionals to design, implement and evaluate patient care in a variety of settings, including hospitals.
  • Focusing on prevention in high-need settings such as hospital emergency departments, oncology units, long term care facilities, psychiatric facilities and maternal-child health departments.
  • Designing and managing state and federally funded grant programs.
  • Faculty positions in universities.
  • Health care informatics.

Why Choose This Path

  • The only BSDH program in the state is now paired with the only CNL option in the state—an opportunity offered only at University of Maryland Baltimore.
  • Complete 9 credits (3 courses) of CNL course work during your senior year in dental hygiene school in exchange for 3 BSDH courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.
  • The shared courses enable you to jump start your graduate education towards the CNL program and will save you tuition expenses

How to Apply

  1. Complete the same 57 pre-requisite credits as required for the entry-level dental hygiene program (Link to dental hygiene pre-requisite courses).
  2. Apply to the apply to the dental hygiene program and provide rationale for selecting the Accelerated BSDH- MPH program.

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