Accelerated Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene (BSDH) to Master of Public Health (MPH) Program

The accelerated BSDH to MPH degree track is for individuals who are entering the profession of dental hygiene and wish to increase their career opportunities to positions requiring an advanced public health skill including:

  • Designing and implementing oral health prevention programs in schools, senior centers, Federally Qualified Health centers and primary care settings.
  • Teaching in Dental hygiene programs
  • Researching the causes, prevention, and treatments of oral diseases.
  • Managing federally funded oral health promotion programs.
  • Directing programs in county health departments.
  • Practicing in underserved settings and addressing community oral health inequities.

What is Public Health?

What is an “Accelerated” BSDH to MPH Program?

This program enables students to take 2 graduate level MPH courses while in the dental hygiene program and at the undergraduate tuition rates that count for both the BS and MPH degrees. This track decreases the time it takes to complete your graduate degree and saves tuition costs.

What is the process for applying to the BSDH to MPH Degree?

  1. Complete the same 57 pre-requisite credits as required for the entry-level dental hygiene program (Link to dental hygiene pre-requisite courses).
  2. Apply to the dental hygiene program and provide rationale for selecting the Accelerated BSDH- MPH program.

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