Bio EM Sample Processing Minicourse

***  July 12 to July 13, 2018 ***

Location: University of Maryland Baltimore, Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility (EMCIF)

Instructors and demonstrators: 

Ru-ching Hsia, EMCIF, UMB,
Nancy Rizzo, Leica Microsystems,
Tom Strader: Microscopy Innovations

Scope of aims:  To promote the knowledge and skills of conventional and modern biological electron microscopy sample processing techniques.

Targeted participants:  Individuals who wish to learn electron microscopy sample processing of biological specimen.  No experience is required. 

Format: Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice

Techniques covered: Chemical fixation,  Resin embedding, Rapid processing, Microwave assisted processing, Automated sample processing, SEM biological sample processing, Negative staining of particulate specimen.

Instrumentation:  Biowave(Ted Pella), mPrep ASP-1000 automated specimen processor (Microscopy Innovations), Critical Point Dryer (Leica-Microsystems & Tousimis), Vibrotome

Agenda_Bio EM Sample Processing (tentative)

Registration Fee: $600 

10% discount for returning participants or multiple course registration

10% discount for Chesapeake Microscopy Microanalysis Society (CMMS) member

Participants: maximum 6


Registration will be closed when all spaces are filled.

An invoice with payment instruction will be e-mailed to you within five business day upon receipt of registration.

A list of nearby hotels that offer a special rate for UMB guests is available upon request, please contact EMCIF.

Payment Method: Registration fee can be paid by check or credit card.  Follow the instruction on the invoice.

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