Access EMCIF Image server

bacteriophage, negative stain, TEM

Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility data server is used for image/data transfer and temporary storage. Image folders are assigned by research groups. Members from the same research group share the same user name and password to access specfic image folders.

Users are strongly advised to download and store image data into personal storage devices as soon as possible. 

Any misuse of the server will result in termination of access.‌ 

Please note EMCIF image folder has been relocated to a new server.  There are extra secrutiy settings with the new OS.  

Please follow the instruction carefully below:

  • Copy and paste  the URL below to your browser. 

  •, replace "xxxx" with your EMCIF  user name (not UMBID or SOME user name). 

  • For your convenience, please bookmark this link in your browser.

  • Depending on the browser you use, a log in window like below should appear.  

Server login username and password screen

  • Tyep in your EMCIF user name and password (not UMB ID or SOM user name and password). 
  • If the log in page indicates "SOM" domain as shown below, you will need to change the domain by adding "issomdsscope02\" in front of your user name (with a back slash "\").  The domain will change to " issomvdsscope02 " afterwards.

Server login credentials screen detail

Server login credentials screen username and password

  • Once you log in successfully, you will only see the directory in your own image folder.

  • Click on the image folder that matches the work order number of your project.

  • Right click on the image file and "save target as".

  • Download and store your images in your personal storage device as soon as possible.

  • Due to the limited memory space available in the server, we will only be able to store images for the current year.

  • In the beginning of each new year, previous year's image folder will be removed from the server. 

  • If you have trouble accessing the server, try to disable your pop up blocker, delete the browsing history, cookies or change a different internet browser.

  • Contact EMCIF if you need any assistance.  Please include a screenshot of your log in window or error message in your message.