Instrument Training

Microscope image of flagellaMost of the instruments in the Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility are accessible for users who have received prior training. The two major instrument; transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM), are both designed for multi-user facility and easy to operate. The newly acquired Keyence all-in-one fluorescence microscope and the Automated EM specimen Processor are also available for trained user to access.

Researchers who have completed scope training will be able to reserve scope time using iLab online instrument reservation calendar and acquire EM images of their own samples at reduced scope hour charges ($25/30 min).


  • Instrument training must be conducted by EMCIF staff.
  • Instrument training is offered on demand.  Please contact Director Ru-ching Hsia to schedule training
  • Basic EM scope training ($400) includes a two-hour one-on-one training and a two-hours supervised practice.  "Basic User" privilege is granted after completion of both session of training.  Basic users can access the scope during office hours.
  • Up to four lab members from the same research group can participate in the one-on-one training session.  Due to limited hands-on time, additional supervised practice session may be may be required before "Basic User" privilege is granted to all the trainees.
  • Researchers are encouraged to use their own samples during supervised practice. Therefore, the training fee will offset the scope use charges.
  • Advanced EM scope training can be scheduled after 30 hours of basic scope usage.  Advanced EM training includes loading/unloading specimen holder,  basic scope alignment and trouble-shootings.  Advanced scope users can access the scope after office hours. 
  • Past trainees are welcome to return for refresher training free of charge. However, reservation is still required in order to reserve the space.
  • Training for Keyence BZX fluorescence microscope and ASP-1000 automated EM specimen processor is charged at $100 per hour. Please contact EMCIF Director  Dr. Ru-ching Hsia to inquire or schedule training.