Instrument Reservation

Please log into iLab to view or reserve scope usage. 

Only trained users are granted rights to reserve scope usage.  

Scopes are open for reservation 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Access to scope other than regular office hours may be arranged with EMCIF director or staff.

Other users (non-trained) must contact EMCIF to schedule assisted scope usage.  Please refer to the calendar under quick links for information regarding scope availability.

Reservations must be made at least three hours in advance. Please do not reserve more time than it is necessary.

Scope usage is charged at 30 minutes intervals.  Only the time actually used will be charged. 

It is recommended users not to reserve more than four hours scope time per session.

Please contact EMCIF Director or staff to schedule scope operation training or access to other  EMCIF instrument.