User Policies

Mission Statement

bacteria, TEM, electron microscopyThe mission of the Core Imaging Facility is to serve the research community on the UMB campus. The pricing policy is reviewed annually by the steering committee to ensure that the service charges reflect the running costs of the Facility, including the cost of service contract, maintenance/repair and supplies.

School of Dentistry and the Medical School jointly support the EMCF so the pricing listed in the fee schedule is for School of Dentistry and Medical School users only. Users from other schools and campus of the University System of Maryland are subject to an additional 25% service surcharges. Users from for-profit organization are subject to an 100% surcharge. However, our service fees remain competitive and our goal is to make electron microscopy services and scope usage affordable to all researchers.

High-volume usage of Core Imaging Facility will make the management more cost-effective, which translates to lower charges incurred by each user. EMCIF Fee Schedule is reviewed and adjusted each year by the steering committee based on the demand of service, cost of reagents, instrument maintenance and bench time required for each services.  Scope operation training and ultrathin sectioning charges are both reduced this year in 2015.

Equal Access Policy

In order to ensure equal access to CIF instrument by all user groups, reservation of instrument may be scheduled in advance for maximum of THREE hours for a day but no more than 10 hours (or 25% of total scope available time) per week. Users who need extra scope or instrument time due to special circumstances should contact CIF Director for pre-approval. In the event of heavy subscription, the priority will be given based on the guideline determined by the steering committee.

Exploratory Projects

The CIF steering committee also recognizes the need to support high risk exploratory research and preliminary projects that are essential in obtaining funding. Investigators who are conducting research involving advanced EM techniques or preliminary EM-related exploratory projects can submit a proposal to the steering committee; including the specific aim of the projects and the possible outcome and a letter of support from his/her chairman. The steering committee will review the proposal at a first-come, first-served basis. Once the exploratory project status is approved, CIF will waive the service charges.

Please contact CIF Director for more details.