Transmission Electron Microscope

tem_homeFEI tecnai T12 is a high performance, high resolution transmission electron microscope equipped with a tungsten filament. It is well suited to be a general purpose instrument in a multi-user facility.

Features and Specifications

Electron optics: Tungsten filament Voltage: 20-120kV

Line Resolutions: 0.20 nm

Focal length: 2.8 nm

Magnification: 18 - 650,000 X

Maximum eucentric tilt: + 70o

Illumination system: Four lenses, User-selectable intensity limit for specimen protection

Imaging: five lens magnification system

Vacuum: Fully interlocked differentially pumped column Navigation: Sample tracking position system, joy-stick operation

CCD camera: AMT

Many automated features: Auto-saturation, auto-conditioning, automated contrast enhancement function