Scanning Electron Microscope

semThe FEI Quanta 200 is a versatile high performance, low-vacuum scanning electron microscope with a tungsten electron source. It can be operated in three different vacuum modes, High Vacuum (HV), Low vacuum (LV) and Environmenal mode (ESEM), thus accommodate a wide range of sample of any SEM system. High vacuum or conventional mode may be used to examine dry conductive specimens. Low vacuum (0.1-1.0 Torr) mode may be used to examine dry specimens that are not inherently conductive and will not tolerate normal coating procedures. Environmental (1.0 – 20 Torr) or wet mode maintains humidity around the specimen whereby enabling examination of hydrated specimens. The Quanta 200 is also equipped with a Gatan Cryo transfer unit (ALTO2100). All images are acquired digitally.

Features and Specifications
Electron Optics Source: Tungsten hairpin filament. Voltage: 200 V to 30 kV Beam Current: <2 µA
Resolution SE resolution: 3.0 nm at 30 kV in high-vacuum, low-vacuum and ESEM operating modes; 10 nm at 3 kV in high-vacuum mode <12 nm at 3 kV in low-vacuum mode BSE resolution: 4.0 nm at 30 kV

Vacuum High-vacuum mode (typically 10-5 mbar) for imaging of conductive and/or conventionally prepared specimens; Low-vacuum mode (<1.3 mbar) for imaging of non-conductive specimens without preparation; ESEM™ mode (<26 mbar = 2600 Pa = 20 Torr) for high-vacuum incompatible specimens which are impossible to investigate with traditional EM methods.

Sample Navigation motorized x-y-z-rotate stage, providing the following movements: x = y = 50 mm (motorized) z = 25 mm (motorized) Z = 25 mm (manual) Tilt +75 degrees to –15 degrees (manual) Tilt eucentric at analytical working distance of 10 mm
Focus Range: 3 – 99 mm Magnification 6x (at longest working distance) to >1,000,000x Field of View Identical field of view in high- and low-vacuum modes (18 mm at the longest working distance) 500 µm with standard, axial, gaseous secondary electron (SE) detector

Scanning System The Quanta 200 provides a flexible scanning system controlled from the graphical user interface: - Pixel density 512 x 442, 1024 x 884, 2048 x 1768 or 4096 x 3536, selectable; - Minimum dwell time 50 ns/pixel; maximum 1 ms/pixel. - Electronic scan rotation by n x 360 degrees.

Detector Systems The Quanta 200 is equipped with several secondary electron detectors (SED, LF-GSED and GSED), that are optimized for use in high-vacuum, low-vacuum and ultra-low vacuum (ESEM) chamber environments. STEM detector can be used for imaging of TEM prepared samples.

Imaging Images are displayed in an area of 1024 x 884 pixels, configurable for either single-frame or four-quadrant display. Images can be viewed live, averaged or integrated.