Grid Plunger, EM GP

gp3The Leica EM GP can be used for the vitrification of thin samples (up to a few microns) like viruses, proteins and cellular components as well as adherent cells for cryo-TEM and cryo electron tomography. Samples in suspension are applied onto grids in a humidity controlled environmental chamber and plunge freezen into liquid ethane after removing excess fluid by automatic blotting. This is the bare grid technique.

  • Prior to freezing, the sample is maintained in a temperature and humidity controlled environmental chamber, adjustable between +4° and +60°C and room humidity to 99 %
  • Grids are blotted single sided to prevent damge to films.
  • Blotting can be done automatically or manually.
  • Manual (motorised) or automatic (programmed) 180° grid rotation allows blotting from either side of the grid.

This instrument is purchased with funding from a NIH S10 Shared Instrument award.

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