ASP-1000***New Instrument ***

funded by 2017 DoD Defense University Research Instrumentation Program award (DURIP)

ASP-1000 is a newly developed robotic platform that is capable of processing electron microscopy (EM) specimens for embedding, staining and labeling in an automated fashion.

EM Specimen or grids are loaded into specially desinged mPrep capsules in the beginning of the processing. 

Processing reagents are stored in indivisual wells of 96-well plates.

An 8-channel head delivers reagents to mPrep processing capsules with syringe pump unit.

Liquid exchange workflow is controlled by Control of BioReaction Automation(COBRA) software on a PC.

Specific reagent, reaction time and agitation can be preprogramed and implemented for different processing protocols.


ASP-1000 can be used for routine EM sample processing, grid staining and immunogold labeling.

Please inquire and request for a demonstration of this instrument. 

mPrep capsule for specimen mPrep capsule for grids
mPrep capsule for specimen  mPrep capsule for grids