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Two-Part Continuing Education Course

Part one: Friday, June 8, from 8 - 9 a.m. at the School of Dentistry (room G314)

Title: "In Pursuit of Health: Care to Take the Journey?"

Linda Blackiston, winner of Linda DeVore Dental Hygiene Award WinnerSpeaker: Linda Blackiston, RDH, BS '95


What if you could embark on a journey that would change your patient’s life?  The pathway to wellness involves an overall comprehensive and multifaceted approach. 

Research has clearly demonstrated the connection between the mouth and the body. This course will help participants to treat patients as a whole versus focusing on a singular diagnosis.  This approach represents the future of healthcare delivery.

Dental professionals are optimally positioned within the healthcare structure to deliver crucial overall wellness information.  Exceed your patients’ expectations and become invested in improving their overall health.  Embark on the journey to comprehensive patient care and empower your patients to take action.

Course objectives: 

  • Implement resources and tools for routine comprehensive patient screenings
  • Customize a treatment plan based on the patient’s individual level of risk
  • Exemplify a pathway to wellness utilizing education


Part two: Friday, June 8, from 9 - Noon at the School of Dentistry (room G314)

Title: "Bridging the Gaps: Linking Systemic and Oral Inflammation Considerations to Systemic Disease"

Photo of Betsy Reynolds, RDH, BSSpeaker: Betsy Reynolds, RDH, MS


While the role of inflammation in disease initiation, progression and presentation has yet to be fully elucidated, the explosion of information linking the oral inflammatory process to a variety of systemic conditions such as pregnancy, asthma, diabetes and cancer is at once exciting and daunting for the healthcare provider to assimilate.  This course is designed to familiarize clinicians with current research findings linking oral inflammation with systemic diseases in a manner that allows for integration of the presented material into patient care protocols.  Come prepared to learn in a relaxed forum designed for audience participation.

Course objectives:

Following the presentation, course participants will be able to:

  • Discuss how maternal oral inflammation impacts pregnancy outcomes
  • Understand how inflammatory mediators impact asthma and periodontal diseases
  • Recognize how diabetes and periodontal inflammation influence each other
  • Identify potential microbial roles in oral cancer development
  • Analyze the probable roles periopathogens and cries-involved microbes influence systemic health