Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy: Pre-Doctoral Dental Students

Effective Date: July 1, 2014

Updated:  October 26, 2015

Reviewed:  August 22, 2016

Updated:  May 8, 2017

Except in the event of illness or emergency, the faculty and administration of the School of Dentistry expect every student to attend all scheduled lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions and clinic assignments.


The Attendance Policy is as follows:


  1. Students must attend 100% of all block assignments, clinical rotations and externships.
  2. Students must attend a minimum of 90% of clinic sessions in the general practice clinics. For example, if a student has 100 GP clinic sessions in a semester, that student must attend 90 sessions to pass.


  1. Students must attend 100% of all pre-clinical laboratory sessions.


  1. Students are expected to attend lecture or, if Mediasite is utilized, it should be viewed in real time or in a timely manner in relation to the lecture. Specific course attendance guidelines will be determined by the course director and/or department.

Course syllabi for each department and the Clinic Manual address specific departmental and clinical attendance policies and requirements, and delineate a policy for managing missed examinations, quizzes and other assignments. Students may lose the opportunity for remediation and/or re-examination if they do not meet published departmental/course standards for attendance.


Excused Absence:

Excused absences include and are limited to:

  1. Illness with doctor's note
  2. Hospitalization
  3. Religious holidays with one month advanced notice to course directors or faculty instructors
  4. Death in their family
  5. Family emergencies
  6. Up to 10 interview days for D4 students
  7. Presentation at approved professional and/or research meetings

Excessive excused absences may result in the need to make up missed clinic sessions and may delay progression in the curriculum and/or graduation.

All other absences are unexcused.

Excused absences for the pre-clinical D1 and D2 curriculum, and D3 lecture/laboratory courses should be requested from the Office of Student Affairs. Please contact Mrs. Kimberly Dean at as soon as possible so that she may notify your course directors.

An excused absence from the D3 and D4 clinical curriculum should be requested from and approved by the D3 or D4 student’s GP Director and forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs for recording purposes. If the excused absence is “unplanned” (i.e illness/family emergency, etc.), the D3 or D4 student should contact the Patient Care Coordinator’s office at 410-706-8127. The PCCs must be made aware of any block assignment or patient appointments for that day.

Students who anticipate a long-term absence (longer than five days) should first review theLeave of Absence Policy and then contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to discuss strategies for managing the impact of the absence on the educational program. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will, as needed, consult with the Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs and the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.


Unexcused Absence:


Attendance is considered an important indicator of each student’s sense of personal and professional responsibility. Accordingly, D1 and D2 students are required to attend all (100%) of pre-clinical laboratory sessions. Attendance will be recorded in all pre-clinical sessions.


Attendance is considered an important indicator of each student’s sense of personal and professional responsibility. Therefore, all D3 and D4 students are expected to attend a minimum of 90% of available GP clinic sessions.  Failure to meet the minimum 90% clinic attendance policy will be reflected in the 8 credit hour Comprehensive Care/Practice Management Course CCPM 538 for D3 students and the 12 credit hour Comprehensive Care/Practice Management CCPM 548 for D4 students. Clinic attendance of 90% is required to pass the course, as outlined in the CCPM syllabi. Additionally, excessive unexcused absences may delay progression in the curriculum and/or on-time graduation.

Block Assignments:

Many of the block assignments such as Urgent Care, Oral Surgery and SPC are service oriented. Patients present to the School of Dentistry with the expectation that their dental needs will be addressed in a competent and timely manner. In order to provide these essential dental services, attendance is mandatory for all assigned block assignments. If a student fails to appear for an assignment or is more than 15 minutes late for the assignment, a make-up day of the specific missed block will be assigned; plus one additional day will be assigned for the first incident. The second episode of absenteeism or tardiness to any block assignment will result in a make-up day of the specific missed block; plus 3 additional days. A third episode will be referred to the Judicial Board and can result in more serious consequences. All make up days will be assigned at the discretion of the director of the block and the dean of clinical affairs and must be completed before advancement to the next year and/or graduation. If the whole/half day of assignment is missed, a whole/half day, plus whole/half penalty days will be assessed respectively.