Email Guidelines

Students are responsible for checking and maintaining their University email accounts on a daily basis. GoogleApps is the email system for SOD students and uses UMID Authentication (login with your UMID and password).

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, please keep your email password secure! The faculty and staff use e-mail to communicate privately with students. If you feel your password has been compromised, please logon immediately and change your password. You will also be prompted to update your password every 365 days.

The email system provided by the School and University is for communications related to the business of the School or University, only. Reasonable exception can be made for important personal communications among two or a few persons. Personal communications such as these should not be distributed to distribution lists or other large groups via the campus e-mail system. If you have questions about use of the email privilege, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

Guidelines for the use of e-mail are not based on etiquette alone. E-mail sent with the intent of disrupting communication or other system services is not allowed. The proliferation of unsolicated commercial email (also known as UCE or "spam"), virus warnings, urban legends and other electronic chain letters if abusive to the mail system and the network. These types of messages waste valuable computing resources, and may be considered harassing.

Students are responsible for reviewing the UMB IT campus policies related to responsible computing and rules of use for our campus.

Reviewed and Updated: August 1, 2016