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Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
Dental School
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Dental School Mission - 2004

The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Baltimore seeks to graduate exceptional oral health care professionals, contribute to the scientific basis of  treatments for diseases of the oro-facial complex, and deliver comprehensive dental care.  These accomplishments will promote, maintain, and improve the overall health of the people within Maryland and have a national and international impact.

Future Vision - 2004

As we strive to achieve our goals, we envision the following future:

  • Reflecting on its heritage, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland joins in full partnership with other campus entities.
  • The resulting multidisciplinary ventures contribute to prominence in scientific discovery, scholarly activity and service to the community.
  • Global outreach efforts of faculty, students and staff are mutually rewarding.
  • An atmosphere of collegiality and intellectual stimulation prevails, nurturing students, faculty and alumni.
  • Administrative support fosters creativity and responsiveness to opportunities.
  • Organizational structure enhances the ability to achieve our goals.
  • Students, faculty and staff provide the highest quality oral health care.
  • The world's first dental college, established in the 19th century, takes its place as the premier dental school of the 21st century.

Goals - 2004

As we fulfill our mission, we aspire to reach the following goals:

  • Our graduates will be sought-after as clinicians, educators, researchers.
  • Major discoveries arising from our efforts will lead to new therapies and cures for diseases.
  • We will devise and implement new strategies to increase access to health care and enhance health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Our academic oral health center will become a trusted source of care for the most complex problems.
  • Our alumni will hold us in high regard and recognize our commitment to their personal and professional development.
  • We will build local, state and national alliances with lay and professional partners interested in enhancing oral health care.
  • We will have ample financial support from our alumni, research and education partners, and grateful patients.
  • Overall, we will have a top national ranking in education, research and service.

Strategic Initiatives – 2002

Recognizing that planning strategies should address changing external as well as internal considerations, the Dental School Planning Committee and Executive Board developed the following Strategic Initiatives in 2002.

  • Assure excellence in clinical and patient care skills of dental hygiene, predoctoral and advanced dental education students.
  • Promote faculty scholarly, professional and service activities in order to enhance the Dental School’s stature with the University, peer institutions, alumni, professional organizations, general public, and State and federal agencies.
  • Increase and integrate the use of information technology in our education, patient care and research programs, and provide faculty development and staff training opportunities in support of this effort.
  • Provide faculty development opportunities in teaching and research skills.
  • Expand philanthropic support of the Dental School.
  • Serve as a provider of continuing education to dental professionals.
  • Enhance our position as a center of oral and craniofacial research and health policy.

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