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Combined DDS-PhD Program

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Here is a typical program timeline:

Years One & Two

Similar to year one and two of the dental predoctoral curriculum, with addition of:

  • Graduate-level courses in biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology
  • Weekly research seminars and journal club meetings
  • Biostatistics and start of laboratory rotations (summer between years one and two).

Years Three, Four, Five

  • Research laboratory work
  • Completion of elective coursework tailored to students' chosen research area
  • Progression through doctoral degree candidacy
  • Completion of doctoral dissertation
  • Reassessment of clinical skills (spring semester, year five ), followed by preclinical courses as appropriate to address additional training needs.

Years Six & Seven

  • Completion of clinical requirements of DDS degree (equivalent to years three and four of dental school) and additional research-related activities. Upon completion of the clinical program, students receive DDS and PhD degrees simultaneously.