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Combined DDS-Master's Program

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Upon admission, a student is assigned to an advisory committee. Projects will be overseen by a school of dentistry and school of medicine mentor in the area of the student's project. The student meets regularly with mentors and advisors for guidance and evaluation throughout the program.

Years 1 & 2

Similar to year one and two of the dental pre-doctoral curriculum, with addition of:

  • Master's courses selected from the Master's Program curricula
  • Clinical research or Research Practicum for the Master's in Clinical Research
  • Community and public health experience (Capstone Experience) for the Master's in Public Health

Year 3

  • Clinical research project, Research Practicum, or Capstone Experience
  • Additional Master's-related course

Year 4

  • Clinical requirements for DDS degree (equivalent to junior year of dental school) and additional Master's-related courses.
  • Progression through Master's degree candidacy

Year 5

  • Unique DDS senior year clinical experience in a general practice stimulated setting.
  • Completion of Master's coursework or project through electives and selectives.

Upon completion of all program requirements, students receive the DDS and Master's degrees simultaneously.