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Patient Care Services

Call 410-706-7101

 - or -

Toll-Free: 866-787-UMDS

Primary Care

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Primary Care

Adult Comprehensive Care

Patients are assigned to a student dentist who arranges appointments, provides general dentistry services, and arranges for specialty consultations and treatment. All care is closely supervised by faculty. Call 410-706-7063 for more information. For after-hours emergencies, if you are a current patient in active treatment, call 443-827-5011.


Pediatric Dentistry

Comprehensive oral health care services are available for children from infancy through age 15 in our Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in an environment designed especially for children. Special care is available for children with disabilities or complex medical problems. New patient screening appointments may be arranged by calling 410-706-4213. Emergency services for children are also available by calling that number. Please have dental insurance information available.


Advanced General Dentistry

This clinic provides care with dental residents for patients with more complex dental needs. Time expenditures may be less than in our predoctoral clinics. Services are provided by dentists who have graduated from dental school. Fees are higher in this clinic. Call 410-706-2940.



Root canal therapy and related services are offered in the Endodontic Clinic. Patients may be referred to this clinic after initial screening, as part of their treatment, or on recommendation of a private dentist. For more information, call 410-706-7101. For faculty care call 410-706-7961.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Surgical treatment of dental and facial infections, tumors, injuries and other conditions of the teeth and jaws are provided in our out-patient clinic and in the hospital setting. For information, call 410-706-4010.



Comprehensive treatment of malocclusion problems ("braces") is available for children and adults in our pleasant, open-design clinic. Patients who are interested in treatment should call 410-706-7101. There is a charge for the initial evaluation. Minor tooth movement procedures may be provided by student dentists under the supervision of faculty. Most comprehensive orthodontic treatment is provided by dentists in training to become orthodontists. Orthodontic services from simple to complex are also available through the faculty practice at 410-706-7961.



Our Periodontics program offers treatment of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth, including prevention, surgery, maintenance, and other current therapies. Most patients receive periodontal services as part of their comprehensive care. Referrals are also accepted from private practitioners to our specialty training program. For information, call 410-706-7101. For faculty care call 410-706-7961.



Individuals with complex dental prosthodontic problems can receive treatment from dentists training to be specialists in Prosthodontics. This program is ideal for patients who have complicated needs for dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants. Appointment information may be arranged by calling 410-706-7101. For faculty care, call 410-706-7961.


Faculty Dental Practice

General dentists and dental specialists from our faculty provide an extensive range of services for individuals of all ages. Call 410-706-7961 for an appointment.


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