UMSOD Students Featured in ADA News Becoming a Dentist Series

Logo for the ADA Becoming a Dentist Series
Class of 2021 students Benjamin Horn, LaShonda Shepherd, and Dan Yang are the subjects of a series of articles being published in ADA News, the American Dental Association's publication. The ADA is a Chicago-based dental professional association with more than 155,000 members.

The articles, written by Jennifer Garvin, Washington D.C. editor for ADA News, will follow these students through all four years of dental school and illuminate readers about the dental school experience.

You can access each part of the series to date, in chronological order, through the links below:

Freshman Year

Photo of Ben Horne, LaShonda Shepherd, and Dan Yang

Part One: Introducing the Students

The first installment of the "Becoming a Dentist" series explores the background and ambitions of the three featured students, Ben Horn, LaShonda Shepherd, and Dan Yang. Read more.

Picture of LaShonda Shepherd, Ben Horne, and Dan Yang at Gross Anatomy lecture

Part Two: Human Anatomy

Horn, Shepherd, and Yang experience a mix of nervousness and excitement as they tackle their first Human Anatomy course. Read more.

Picture of featured students working in the SIM lab

Part Three: the SIM Lab and Operative Dentistry

In part three of the series, Horn, Shepherd, and Yang take an operative dentistry course that gets at the heart of dentistry: improving someone's smile. Read more

Ben Horn, LaShonda Shepard, and Dan Yang learn about CAD/CAM technology

Part Four: Technology-Enhanced Learning

In part four of the series, Horn, Shepard, and Yang learn how to utilize computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Read more.