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National Museum of Dentistry
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National Museum of Dentistry

Smile Resources


The National Museum of Dentistry's exhibitions and programs:

  • make the connection between good oral health and a healthy life
  • change the way people think about and take care of their smiles
  • inspire people to seek the care they need to maintain a healthy mouth for a lifetime

Use these resources to share the power of a healthy smile!

Get MouthPower - Tips for Keeping a Healthy Adult Smile
This new oral health resource for older adults features informative oral health tips for adults age 50 and older, including an exploration of how the adult mouth is changing and what to do about it, a special look at unique nutritional issues as we age and an exploration of the connection between the mouth and the body.

What is the secret to a healthy smile? Taking good care of your teeth! Explore Mouthie's online laboratory to learn about how to brush your teeth, what tobacco can do to your mouth and how to make healthy food choices. Available in English and Spanish.

Healthy Smiles for Autism
Health Smiles for Autism was created by the National Museum of Dentistry to empower parents of children with autism spectrum disorder to establish a healthy oral hygiene routine and prepare their children for a visit to the dentist.

Your Spitting Image
Find out what your mouth says about you in an online exploration of forensics, saliva and bioengineering. Downloadable teacher guides and interactive activities can be used in the classroom.

Traveling Exhibition Programs
Innovative traveling exhibitions created by the National Museum of Dentistry inspire visitors to children's and science museums across the country to make healthy choices about oral health. Find a traveling exhibition in a town near you!