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Meet the DDS Class of 2018

Written by Adam Zewe

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry welcomes the dental Class of 2018. Hailing from across the nation and around the world, the incoming students are eager to begin their dental educations. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Bilguujin DorjsurenDentistry will be a second career for Bilguujin Dorjsuren. While serving as a laboratory manager at Harvard University, Dorjsuren enjoyed working with her hands while completing meticulous experiments. Dorjsuren, who completed her undergraduate training at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, plans to use those skills to help her dental patients. "The dental profession will be very intellectually stimulating. Plus, I will still have the opportunity to conduct research, which is one of my passions," she states.

Adeseye AweAdeseye Awe is excited about the technology he will be able to use in his dental career. He is especially interested in learning more about digital dentistry and incorporating CAD/CAM technology into dental practice. For Awe, a Phoenix resident who earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, the high-tech learning environment at UMSOD made the school his top choice.

Nick BoydNick Boyd, of Crofton, Md., developed a passion for fixing things through his work in the construction industry. That passion led him to pursue career in dentistry, where he will be able to improve the health of patients. Boyd, who earned an undergraduate degree in business from Utah State University, is also looking forward to building relationships with patients. "I love the social aspect of being able to work with people on a daily basis, and helping to improve their health and relieve their pain," states Boyd.

Jennifer EckhardDentistry has been an interest of Jennifer Eckhard, of Lancaster, Pa., since she was a child; her father and grandfather are both oral surgeons. While accompanying them on dental mission trips to the Caribbean, Eckhard acquired an interest in helping underserved patients receive critical dental treatment. Eckhard, who earned her undergraduate degree at Boston University, looks forward to the many opportunities she will have for outreach and community service as a student at UMSOD.

Moshe KleinMoshe Klein, of New York City, decided to pursue dentistry because he enjoys working with his hands. A graduate of Tuoro College, Klein decided to enroll at UMSOD because of the dedicated faculty and the supportive atmosphere. He is looking forward to using the skills he develops at UMSOD to improve the smiles of his patients. "When someone has a nice smile, it always gives a positive impression," Klein says.

Ekpa EyomaEkpa Eyoma is excited for a career in dentistry because it will allow her to pay it forward. Eyoma, who grew up in Nigeria, saw firsthand how underserved patients can be affected by a lack of dental care. She hopes to use her training to help patients who struggle to access dental treatment. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to connect with others and have a real impact on people's lives," she says.

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