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Alumnus Transitions from Patient to Partner

Written by Adam Zewe

Fifteen years ago, Greg Winter, DDS '10, sat in Dr. Steven Becker's dental chair as a patient. He spends a lot more time in Dr. Becker's Ellicott City dental office these days, but instead of seeking dental treatment, he's providing it.

The son of a physician, Dr. Winter felt drawn to the health care field from a young age. He became so fascinated by dentistry that he shadowed his family dentist, Dr. Becker, for middle school career day. Dr. Winter was so impressed by the dentist's precision and compassion that he continued to shadow throughout high school. "That experience made a real impact on me early in life. I saw that dentistry would allow me to work with my hands and interact with people," he remarks.

Dr. Becker, DDS '79, noticed a spark in Dr. Winter early on, and he was thrilled when he learned the young man would study at his alma mater. While Dr. Winter was completing dental school, his mentor offered advice and guidance, encouraging the budding dentist to focus on his future career. "Dental school was a long four years. To have someone give me positive feedback and remind me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that helped me a lot," states Dr. Winter.

After graduating from UMSOD, Dr. Winter completed two residencies: an advanced general dentistry program in Pittsburgh and a general practice residency in York, Pa. Dr. Becker, encouraged by his professional dedication, hired the younger dentist in July.

Dr. Becker feels confident in the top-notch education his colleague received at UMSOD, and is excited by the technical know-how Dr. Winter brings to Smiles by Becker. He's also enjoying his role as a mentor. "When you graduate from dental school, you're long on knowledge and short on experience. I can fill in those voids, not just how to do dentistry, but how to deal with staff, how to run an office and how to communicate with patients," he remarks.

In a few short months, Dr. Winter has already learned a great deal from his childhood dentist. Working in his hometown, in the practice he visited as a kid, is turning out to be a dream come true. "Coming back to this area and being able to be an oral health provider for this community is a real honor," he says.

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