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Classical Musicians Perform in Urgent Care Clinic

Written by Adam Zewe

Melodious music fills the air inside the Urgent Care Clinic. Patients close their eyes and nod their heads as they enjoy front row seats to an exclusive classical concert. Pianist Chungwon Chung and Flutist/Clarinetist Noelle Presby Lipa, of the Peabody Conservatory, entertain waiting patients during a morning performance on Dec. 11.

Sponsored by Chief of Clinics Joe Davidson, DDS '70, the performance aims to take patients' minds off their physical pain. For more than a year, Dr. Davidson has supported classical music performances in the Urgent Care Clinic. He views the concerts as an important outreach effort, introducing patients to music they may not have heard before.

Chung and Presby launch into an array of classical pieces, from traditional sonatas and concertos by composers Bach and Schumann to a harmonious song penned by a Peabody graduate. Flourishing piano melodies form a perfect accompaniment to soothing flute and clarinet themes. Between pieces, Presby pauses to explain the history of each song and its composer.

Patient Anne Shifflett, of Mount Vernon, finds herself nodding in time to the sweet sounds of the clarinet. She enjoys the chance to relax and gather her thoughts while she waits for treatment. "I've really enjoyed this concert. It was a very nice surprise to hear this music in the waiting room," she remarks.

As the musicians begin playing a romantic melody, patient Marcia Egee's face lights up with a broad smile. "This type of music relaxes me. If you're nervous about the dentist, a concert like this will help you calm down. This is so much better than watching TV in the waiting room," states Egee.

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