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ICD Gift Supports Global Opportunities for Students

Written by Adam Zewe

A donation from the International College of Dentists (ICD) supports UMSOD students who travel for foreign externships. ICD USA Section President W. Michael Kenney, DDS '70, and Deputy Regent Edwin L. Morris, DDS '74, presented the $4,800 gift to Dean Christian S. Stohler and Dr. Bernard Levy on Friday, Feb. 17.

The ICD is an honorary dental organization that promotes compassionate dentistry across the globe. Through the International Student Exchange Program, the group provides funds for dental schools to help students afford international education. The ICD USA Section seeks to expand its collaboration with UMSOD, Dr. Kenney remarks. "We sponsor global leadership and humanitarianism. The University of Maryland School of Dentistry has such a global focus; to have an association with the school is a win-win," he says.

The funds will be awarded to four dental students who travelled to Brazil for an externship, Dr. Levy says. Almost half of the dental student body participates in foreign externships. Defraying travel expenses helps students take advantage of unique educational opportunities in both developing and developed nations. "I believe the students who are sent overseas come back totally changed. It is a true enrichment," Dr. Levy states.

The School of Dentistry is excited to forge a strong partnership with the ICD because the two organizations share many of the same values, says Dean Stohler. The strong global education program is a powerful tool to recruit the best students. Providing the next generation of dentists with education and enrichment in foreign countries will be vital to the future of dentistry. "As American dentistry develops leadership around the world, we need a workforce that can actually carry it," concludes Dean Stohler.

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