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SOD Rock Band Takes Center Stage

Written by Adam Zewe

After a long day in the clinic, fourth-year students Simon Oh, Bryce Quinn and Matt Weil trade in their dental instruments for musical ones. They take the stage as rock band InciDENTAL, along with pediatric dentist Mike Virts, DDS '10.

Classmates Oh and Quinn laid the groundwork for InciDENTAL three years ago after discovering they shared a passion for playing the electric guitar. The two started jamming and soon recruited Weil and Virts, who was a pediatric resident. Today, InciDENTAL brings its high-energy rock shows to many popular local bars. Playing for an energetic crowd is a great way to unwind after a long week, Quinn says. "We're in a different boat than most of the other cover bands. The music is a hobby, so we don't face a lot of the pressure many bands deal with," he states.

InciDENTAL draws its fan base from UM students, building a solid reputation among rock fans. The band covers classic rock standards, modern hip hop and even the occasional country tune. "We all have our own favorite genres of music, which keeps things interesting," remarks Oh. On stage, InciDENTAL is known for choosing songs that feed the musical tastes of the crowd. The spontaneity of their performances keeps band and audience members on their toes.

Due to demanding school schedules, finding time to practice is their biggest challenge. The bandmates make rehearsals a priority because they consider the music therapeutic. Playing together onstage, amidst blaring amplifiers and screaming fans, is just what the doctor -- or dentist -- orders. "Dental school exists in a very rational, scientific world. I feel like playing music uses a totally different part of my brain," concludes Quinn.

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