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Merit Scholarship Winner Profile: Daniel Conti

Written by Adam Zewe

Dean Christian S. Stohler congratulates Daniel Conti, DDS '13, for earning two merit scholarships. Conti received a Gaylord Scholarship and a Dr. Charles W. Hennesey Scholarship.

Both scholarships honor students with outstanding academic achievements. "Receiving the scholarships was a huge surprise and a great honor. It's great to receive recognition for the hard work I put into achieving my academic success," remarks Conti.

The scholarships will be a great benefit for Conti as he considers pursuing a residency in fixed dentistry. He has become interested in cosmetic dentistry as he provides aesthetic treatments for patients. Seeing a restoration through to completion, and witnessing a happy patient's smile, make cosmetic dentistry rewarding. "A smile is a very important thing. I get a lot of pleasure out of reaching out to patients in need," Conti states.

Conti, who hails from Raleigh, N.C., attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before enrolling at UMSOD. He enjoys forming friendships with his classmates that will last a lifetime. In his spare time, Conti plays soccer and tennis and participates in an intramural flag football league.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship fund to support students like Daniel, please contact Marcelena Holmes, assistant dean of development and alumni relations, at 410-706-2289 or

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