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UMSOD Alumnus Featured on CBS' Sunday Morning

Written by Adam Zewe

For prosthodontist Todd Barsky, the best smile is a natural one -- or at least one that appears natural. Barsky, DDS '01, recently received national media attention for providing veneers that are nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth. Click here to watch the segment on CBS' Sunday Morning.

Few patients request bright, cheesy Hollywood smiles anymore. In fact, many patients are unhappy with previous restorations because the crowns and veneers look too perfect. "More and more people come in and tell me they want their teeth back; they want their smile to be the way it used to be," he explains.

Achieving cosmetic imperfection is as much an art as it is a science. Dr. Barsky adds delicate undulations to the surfaces of restoration designs and builds different shades into the final color. The greatest challenge is achieving symmetry without an unnatural appearance, he remarks. Despite the hours he spends mapping out minute details, Dr. Barsky is flattered when patients tell him that his work has been ignored. "My goal is to have the patient feel and notice the difference, but I don't want their friends and family to notice," he states.

Prosthodontics became a passion for Dr. Barsky while he was enrolled at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. The dedication of faculty and volunteer instructors inspired him throughout his studies. As a student, he embarked on a prosthodontics externship to Arizona where he developed an affinity for the specialty.

Today, Dr. Barsky enjoys a rewarding career at the Institute for Age Management and Intervention in Miami, a clinic that takes a holistic approach to health care. He appreciates the opportunity to become part of his patients' lives. "I love meeting people and helping them to improve both their smiles and their self-esteem," Dr. Barsky concludes.

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