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Dr. Davidson Brings Classical Music to the Urgent Care Clinic

Written by Adam Zewe

Soft melodies of classical music fill the waiting room of the Urgent Care Clinic. Patients lean back and close their eyes as pianist Chungwon Chung performs three of Mozart's most popular pieces on an electric piano.

The musical performance is the brainchild of Dr. Joseph Davidson, assistant professor in the Department of Oncology and Diagnostic Sciences. He generously funded the concert as a way to help patients relax while they wait for emergency care. Research at Temple University shows that listening to classical music reduces the heart rate, decreases blood pressure and leads to a more composed state of mind. "I strongly believe music has a calming power that affects people physically and mentally," remarks Chung, a doctoral student at the Peabody Institute.

For Dr. Davidson, an amateur pianist, the recital allows him to share his love of classical music with a new audience. "This will take their minds off the wait and give some patients an opportunity to hear something they've never heard before. I hope they leave here with a good memory," he says. The clinic concert is a first for the dental school. Due to its success, Dr. Davidson is establishing a fund to support similar performances three to four times a year.

As the soothing melodies continue, patient Darlene Savoy, of Lothian, Md., nods her head in time with the music. "We usually come to a waiting room and grab a magazine, but this is really different. It relaxes the mind," she states. Patient Lisa Randolph, of Baltimore, was also pleasantly surprised to hear Mozart during her dental visit. "The music helps to get my mind off the wait," she remarks.

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