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Dr. Mark Reynolds Takes Periodontics to the Next Level

Written by Adam Zewe and Marcelena S. Holmes, MPA, MA

Through innovation and dedication, Department Chairman Dr. Mark Reynolds puts UMDS Periodontics on the map. Reynolds was appointed chairman in 2005 and, under his leadership, the department has witnessed a notable increase in the number of dental graduates who specialize in periodontics.

Dr. Reynolds has infused new energy into the pre-doctoral and post-graduate programs by creating an evidence-based curriculum that ensures students acquire the latest knowledge and skills in periodontics. Nearly all specialists who complete the post-graduate program now become board certified. The department also launched an Implant Periodontal Prosthetics Fellowship that is among a select group of top programs in the nation. It provides advanced interdisciplinary training, so specialists can treat more complex patients.

Reynolds' first priority is to create a cutting-edge program. He and others in the department are currently designing a curriculum in advanced surgical microscopy that capitalizes on the department's eight new Global Surgical G6 microscopes. The UMDS Periodontics Post-graduate Program is the only one in the country that provides a dedicated surgical microscope for each resident. Dr. Reynolds underscores the importance of research, which has led to a significant increase in the number of peer-reviewed publications by faculty members. "I want the University of Maryland to be a leader in periodontics and implant dentistry. In order to be a leader, we have to be innovative in providing unparalleled programs," he remarks.

Dr. Reynolds plans to continue developing the department's portfolio in basic and clinical research, including periodontal regeneration and dental implants. Under his guidance, faculty members will have the opportunity to participate in a unique study involving laser therapy treatment. Passionate about the latest dental technology, Reynolds also brings his expertise to the American Board of Periodontology. He was recently elected to serve a six-year term as a director, where he will help establish examination tools and shape the direction of periodontics.

"I feel strongly about participating in the future of our specialty," Reynolds states.

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