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University of Maryland School of Dentistry

WEATHER ALERTS: The School of Dentistry weather alert hotline is 706-3368 (706-DENT). Please call this number during inclement weather for information related to school/campus closings, clinic closings, and class cancellations.
NOTE: There are times when, because of the weather, the clinics may have to close for patients while the school is otherwise open for staff.

In addition, UMB maintains a campus emergency number and Web site. The Campus Emergency Information Phone Line is 410-706-8622 and the Weather Alerts page is

BUILDING EMERGENCIES: If you are in the building outside of normal work/school hours and experience an emergency related to the facility (e.g., power outage, equipment failure, flooding, etc.), you may call 410-307-3888 to reach John Phillips. Initially, if guards are posted, please advise the security personnel of the emergency.

PATIENT EMERGENCIES: For patients of record, the emergency number for the school during holidays is 443-827-5011. We have a coordinated system in place with the oral surgery and emergency departments at UMMS to help facilitate emergencies.