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Attendance Policy
Academic Affairs

The faculty and administration of the Dental School expect every student to attend all scheduled lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions, and clinic assignments, except in the event of illness or emergency. Course syllabi for each department and the Clinic Manual address specific departmental and clinical attendance policies and requirements, and delineate a policy for managing missed examinations, quizzes and other assignments. Students may lose the opportunity for remediation and/or re-examination if they do not meet published departmental/course standards for attendance.

Students who anticipate that they will be absent for planned events (e.g., religious holidays) should contact course directors to make arrangements in advance of the anticipated absence. Year III and Year IV dental students should also contact their general practice managers and directors of block assignments, if indicated.

In the event of an emergency or serious illness, students should contact course directors, general practice managers, and directors of block assignments, preferably before scheduled educational activities. If prior notice is not possible, contact should be made at the earliest opportunity. Course directors will determine the effect of the absence and the subsequent course of action.

Students who miss specific educational activities including, but not limited to, examinations, quizzes and block assignments, must complete an absence form, including an explanation for the absence. The student's signature on the form verifies that the explanation provided is accurate. The course director will review the absence form, make a determination regarding the appropriate course of action, and sign the absence form. Copies of the form will be provided for the student, the course director/department, and the Office of Academic Affairs. Student appeals of the final disposition must be made within five working days, and should be referred to the department chair. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the appeal should be forwarded to the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for a final disposition.

Students who anticipate a long-term absence (longer than five days) should directly contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to discuss strategies for managing the impact of the absence on the educational program.