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Student Leave of Absence Policy
Academic Affairs

A leave of absence from the academic program may be requested by a student in the event of extenuating personal circumstances. The Dean may grant a leave of absence for a student who has, in a written request, provided sufficient documentation to justify such action.

The student’s letter should contain the following information: (1) the requested duration of the leave; and (2) the purpose for the request. If the student requests a medical leave of absence, the letter should be accompanied by supporting documentation, including projected date of return, provided by a qualified health care professional.

After consultation with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of Clinics, the Faculty Co-Chair of the Judicial Board and any other individuals deemed appropriate, the Dean will provide a written response to the student. The Dean’s response will include:

1) approval or disapproval of the request;

2) conditions regarding the leave of absence (duration; academic status; request for additional supporting documentation, if appropriate; pending disciplinary actions);

3) instructions for administrative, clinical and facilities clearance (withdrawal or cancellation of registration; return of mail box key, lab keys, Independent Learning Center materials and other University property; satisfaction of outstanding University obligations; notification of the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounting);

4) instructions for requesting reinstatement (due date of letter; supporting documentation from health care professional, if appropriate, etc.);

5) conditions for reinstatement (space availability)

Copies of the Dean’s letter will be sent to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the Director of Clinics. The Office of Academic Affairs will process the cancellation or withdrawal with the Office of the Registrar and will notify the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounts.

After an extended leave of absence, a student may be required to successfully complete specific departmental projects, competencies or remediation before reinstatement to the dental program.