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Inclement Weather Policy
Academic Affairs

It is the general policy of the University and Dental School to remain open for business and that all employees are expected to report to work and students to attend scheduled classes. If unusually severe weather occurs before the Dental School opens for regular business all employees and students must listen to announcements from the Dean's Office for information specific to this School and its clinical operations. All Dental School announcements can be accessed on Voice Mail, by dialing 410-706-8000 - Mailbox # 6-3368 (6-DENT). This is the only reliable source of information specific to the Dental School. If the announcement states the Dental School is closed all designated "Critical Clinical Employees" should report unless notified otherwise. If you have not received written notification of your designation as a "Critical Clinical Employee" you are not in this category. Because of commitments to patient care we do not ordinarily close when the University makes a decision to close after we once have opened for the day.

Therefore, all clinic personnel are by definition "essential personnel" on such days, with release of all employees being provided only with the permission of the responsible supervisor. The decision to close once we have opened for the day is with the Dean's Office, and nowhere else. However, when we do stay open after the University closes, all employees who are required to stay are entitled to administrative leave. Use of this administrative leave must be approved in advance by the responsible supervisor and cannot adversely affect clinical operations due to inadequate staffing.