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Dental Hygiene

Faculty Office Hours

All faculty in the Division of Dental Hygiene are available to meet with students. However, for the convenience of both students and faculty, students are encouraged to arrange appointments with faculty directly, either electronically or in person. Course syllabi typically list faculty office hours.

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Guidelines for Class/SADHA Officers and Faculty Advisors

General Guidelines

1. Meetings: Student officers should schedule meetings when advisors are available
to attend; check advisor availability before posting meeting dates.

2. Students are responsible for scheduling meeting rooms.

3. Meetings should be scheduled ahead of time for the entire semester when possible.

4. Once the meeting schedule is established, dates must be provided to the DHYG Division Executive Administrative Assistant.

5. Minutes of meeting should be kept with copies sent to the Faculty Advisor and DHYG Division Director.

Fundraising Guidelines

All fundraising activities must be approved by the Advisor and the Program Director. Students must then get approval from the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Activities Guidelines

1. Students engage in a number of extra-curricular activities such as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, the Special Olympics, and school, community or church functions. The Advisor and DHYG Program Director must approve all such activities associated with student organizations.

2. Prior to planning any student social activities held within the Dental School, Class and/or SADHA officers must confirm that faculty coverage for the event is available. The Office of Academic and Student Affairs also must be apprised of such activities.

Administrative Channels of Communication

Briefly, the normal route for concerns involving clinic matters:

Faculty member involved
Student Advisor
Clinic Coordinator (Jr. or Sr.)
Program Director, Dental Hygiene
Department Chair
Director, Clinical Operations Board

The normal route for concerns involving academic matters:

Faculty member involved
Course Coordinator
Program Director, Dental Hygiene
Department Chair
Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Address and Name Changes

Changes in name, address, and telephone number must be submitted by students to:

1. Dental Hygiene Program Administrative Assistant, Room 1202, Dental School.

2. The Office of Academic Affairs, Dean's Office, Dental School, or the Office of Records and Registrations through the Student User Friendly System (SURFS)