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Translational Research Conference Teaching Elective
Senior Electives

Course Description

The Translational Research Conferences are designed for students in dental years two and three and senior dental hygiene students to present and discuss a clinical situation and the science related to managing the case. Students participating in the elective will meet with faculty before the class to review relevant material and prepare for the small group discussions that they will help to monitor, direct, and teach.


Dr. Mark Shirtliff - Topic: Infectious Disease

Dr. Man-Kyo Chung - Topic:  Neural and Pain Sciences

Enrollment Limitations
Shirtliff: 6 students/week

Dr. Chung:  6 students/week

Credit Requirements
Must attend two TRC Conferences and participate in each 1 hour preconference meeting to receive credit.

Schedule for Dr. Shirtliff

Prep Meeting 12:00-12:50 p.m.                                                           TRC

Wednesday, 10/1 - room 9105                                                             Thursday, 10/2 - rooms G307, G310, G314

Wednesday, 10/8 - room 9105                                                             Thursday, 10/9 - rooms G307, G310, G314

Wednesday, 10/15 - room 9105                                                           Thursday, 10/15 - rooms G307, G310, G314

Wednesday, 10/22 - room 9105                                                           Thursday, 10/23 - rooms G307, G310, G314

Schedule for Dr. Chung

Prep Meeting 12:00-12:50 p.m.                                                            TRC

Monday, 10/27 - room 9105                                                                   Thursday, 10/30 - rooms G307, G310, G314

Monday, November 3 - room 9105                                                       Thursday, 11/6 - rooms G205, G307, G310

Monday, November 10, room 9105                                                      Thursday, 11/10 - rooms G307, G310, G314

Monday, December 1, room 9105                                                        Thursday, 12/4 - rooms G307, G310, G314