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Multimillion Dollar Practice:  How to Build It; How to Enjoy It
Dr. Norman Bartner
Senior Electives

Course Description
To present practice management skills that will enable the doctors to maximize their productivity, earning capacity and time with family.

Brief paragraph describing your objective for the class - “What do you hope to get out of seminar?”

List of Lecture Topics

The Communicative Consultation or Treatment Conference

Documented Case Presentation

The Appointment Book is Queen

Who is that Stranger that Walked into Your Office?

Doctor’s Self-Image and How It Affects Level of Dentistry and Productivity

Hundreds of Proven, Time-Tested, Dignified Ideas

Letter System for Practice Growth

Ergonomics – Four-Handed Dentistry – Tray Setups

One Visit Dentistry

Prevention:  How It Benefits Doctor and Patient

Philosophy of Practice Plus Pankey Philosophy

Office Design

Telephones in the Professional Office

Fees-Fees-Fees:  Separation of Fee from Treatment

New Patients and Broken Appointments

Top 10 Practice Management Mistakes

Top 10 Financial Mistakes by Dentists

Patient Fears

What is Success?

Pain Control

Building and Maintaining Staff:  Interviewing, Hiring, Firing, Office Policy and Staff Meetings

Requirements for Acceptance of Comprehensive Treatment

Breaking Pre-Occupation

Pankey’s 22 Questions

Putting Magic into the Clinical Examination

The Four Emotional Appeals:  Getting Patients to Say “Yes” to Complete…Dentistry

The Post-Treatment Consultation

Our Evolving Profession:  Be Ready for the Coming Changes

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Monday, 3/24/14 1-5 p.m. in room G314

Monday, 3/31/14 1-5 p.m. in room G310